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Obviously, I've been on a wretched sort of hiatus lately and I'm just letting you know that YES, I am working on things! :DD Things have been hard with school and I've also gotten addicted to Tumblr even worse. I have four roleplay blogs and find myself blowing off writey steam there. Not only that, but a lot of my time has gone into FINALLY finishing Agents of SHIELD and getting re-addicted to Vampire Diaries, so my updates will probs revolve around those inspiration. But I DO have some updates! Not right now of course, but here's an un-chronological list of things I am working on / going to do.
Don't forget I love you! Little Pixel Heart 

Work in Progress / Most soonly promised updates: 
Harry Osborn fic (short, TASM verse of Harry)
- Abomination, Kol Mikaelson x Reader 
- Grant Ward oneshot (or short fic, I don't know yet)
- Killian Jones x Reader 
- Lasting Impressions, Bucky x Reader 
- Winter Soldier x Reader
- Klaus Mikaelson x Reader oneshot
Okay okay I know I've been slacking! School's just been a nightmare with midterms and stuff, and I was in the hospital for the past two days waiting for my niece to get born. So I figured I'm going to update ya'll on what I'm doing. If any of you have requests or want me to continue one of the ones I abandoned, then just tell me! ^^ I love you guys! 

So, here's how it's probably gonna go: 

1. Broken Dignities - Steve Rogers x Reader {1}

2. Savior - Brock Rumlow x Reader {Oneshot and a LEMON. I will mark it as mature, but if you don't like it, please don't open it. <- The lemon part is subject to change.} 

3. Treasure Hunt - Pietro Maximoff x Reader {Oneshot Fluff} 

4. Winter Soldier x Reader (31)

5. Going Mad - Hannibal x Reader (Chapter 7, I think
You watched in idle fascination what was occurring on the television set, all too focused with the breaking news report. Some high-end politician had been murdered apparently, and some big fancy security system had been terminated in the process. Scandalous.

“You know what that means, right sweetheart?” Gertie, the woman you’d come to know as your nurse, caught your attention. Who knew how long she’d been standing in the doorway with that wistful smile on her face?
When you said nothing, she continued.

“The world is breakin’... that man was about to put up a big donation to SHIELD, and they done killed him.”
Right. SHIELD. The supposedly secret government branch that micromanaged the superheroes they told you about. Everything to expect from the future.

“It was always this way, Gertie. It’s just that nobody ever saw it.” With a quiet sigh, you picked up the suitcase which held the few of your belongings. The rest of it was at home. Apparently, you don’t need anything when you’re comatose.

Gertie sighed softly and made no hesitation in walking up to you and wrapping her arms tight around you. It was still so strange... to think that you had no idea who this woman was, yet she’d been caring for you for nearly nine years.

“I’m gon’ miss you, pumpkin.” Tears sparkled in her dark eyes. “Tell yo’ papa to keep you warm at night. An’ if you ever need me, I’ll be right here, from seven in the morning to eleven at night.”
It was so hard to feel estranged from the woman when she was looking at you like a mother. For the past two months of recovery, Gertie was the one to guide you. She treated you like a mother hen would treat her chicks. She even allowed frequent visits to those in the hospital in need. Perhaps you would miss her.

With a heartfelt goodbye, you were walking the maze of halls of hospital. It was so hard to leave here. The outside world seemed like such a dreaded place...


Distracted by your thoughts, you’d hardly noticed when you bumped into the broad-shouldered stranger.

“Oops! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-” The stranger broke off when his eyes met yours. Had you seen him before? It was funny how every doubt, every bad feeling and anxious jitter left when you stared into those stormy blue eyes. It felt like something hit you hard, something exhilarating that resulted in a rapid heartbeat.

“No, please, I wasn’t paying attention...” you breathed. Thank god for the instinctual conversation passer you’d developed in your recovery days. He smiled then, something that warmed you from the inside out.

“My bad.” He seemed at a loss of words, gazing at you as if you were a puzzle. “What’s your name?”

“I’m (Name),” you said, doing your best to shake off the jitters. They only increased, however, when he eagerly shook your hand.

“Steve. Steve Rogers. It’s good to meet you.”
For a moment, you allowed yourself to feel what you were feeling. Something gave you the itching feeling you’d seen his kind face before. Steve. You’d remember that name. After all, how could you forget this smile or the warmth that radiated off of him. It was a warmth that made you feel like you’d lived your life freezing without ever realizing it. The desire for more suddenly gripped you so hard, you wondered if this was actually even happening. What weird things to feel for an absolute stranger.

“I do hope I am not interrupting, but your father is growing impatient for the arrival of his daughter.” A voice broke the warmth of his smile, pulling you back into the cold reality you faced. Right. A post-comatose life with rough transitions and endless adjustments to everything you once believed true. The man introduced to you as Ace, your father’s chauffeur and most trusted bodyguard, was standing a few feet away.

Something really irked you about Ace. How could he be a bodyguard if he was so slim and condescending? There was just something about the way he stood and the way he looked at you that gave you the shivers.

“I’m sorry. Good day, Steve.” His name on your tongue filled you with giddy satisfaction. You rushed along to satiate Ace’s indirect impatience, and went over the name burned into your mind.

Steve. Steve Rogers.

Perhaps you would see him again.

Broken Dignity - Steve Rogers x Reader {Prologue}
So, I decided to make this. I have no idea why, don't ask me. I'm also thinking about writing a Brock Rumlow lemon and an (Evan Peters) Pietro Maximoff oneshot. Whaddya guys think?   Heart 
It was too much to handle.
It felt like being a passenger in your own body. As you advanced on your target, your body moved on its own instinct. Lucky for him, the target ducked as you swung the combat knife at his head, following with a series of attacks blocked by his shield. This man was your enemy. The doctor told you so, and you would obliterate him for it. The voice biting through your head wouldn’t stop.
Attack, attack, attack, attack, attack.
There was no choice. You did as the voice told you, hitting him and working to get the knife in a place where it’d kill him. It happened that way, attack after attack after attack. How strange it seemed, that this was hurting you more than it seemed to be hurting your opponent; though he did look quite pained.

“(F/n)!” The target cried. His voice was desperate. You wondered who he was calling for. Though the thought didn’t last long, because a jolt of pain penetrated your arm as he broke it with that shield. Just like always, the appendage began to glow blue and slowly mended itself. A power from the hope, the doctor said. With a final grunt, you heaved your blade into his shoulder, twisting it until he shouted in pain.
The force of your hit knocked him into the ground. A miniscule stream of blood trailed out of his shoulder and onto that shield he wielded so pridefully.

“(F/n), please listen to me. You’re not like this,” the target was saying. “Don’t let them do this to you!”

You weren’t listening, instead dutifully preparing to end this man’s life. Just like Doctor Lounze told you to. There was no choice. You had no choice, no matter how much your gut told you this was wrong. This was your task. As you raised the knife, you were suddenly pulled off of your target as if you were nothing more than a paperweight. The knife was knocked out of your hand, and you realized you had to kill this one too.

However, for some reason, your body wasn’t cooperating. You had to move, you had to fight. Something in you knew that if you failed, the doctors would never let you be safe again.
The enemy suddenly whirled you around, hastily seizing you by your shoulders. The blue sparks ignited at your fingers, but immediately ceased as you were trapped in a pair of familiar, horror-stricken eyes.

Things began to connect then, things you didn’t even know had un-connected.
Oh my god.
What had you done?!
Everything came back, all the horror with it. Everything. From the moment they dragged you away, to the moment your own father made you a monster, to the moment you stabbed Steve in the shoulder. Every bit of pain, every scream, every scar. They made you believe that you would never see Bucky again... and it was all because of you...

No. It wasn’t your fault. It was his. The man who called himself your father.
The HYDRA soldiers were gathering together now. They were trying to kill Steve, and Natasha, and Tony. They were trying to kill your family.

What you released just then wasn’t in your control. It was all the rage, all the pain and loss knowing that they’d lied; Bucky had come for you like the hero he denied being. In a flash of blue, half the base was crumbling, as well as whatever weak soldiers they had left.

“(F/n).” Desperate, loving hands gripped your shoulders as you were turned to gaze into a pair of forlorn blue eyes. “Look at me. It’s okay. We’re taking you home.”

Yet in those few moments where everything seemed to be okay again, a horrible pain seared into your chest. Your heart fluttered wildly against your ribcage, driving you into a spinning world of gray.

She was alive; dear god, she was alive.
That was enough. After weeks and weeks of torment, not knowing if he had been blade on her guillotine, this was enough. For days, he’d been sizing up the base to see if there was any way to penetrate the walls, but no solutions came- until the organization whom he once tried to destroy came to help. She almost hadn’t remembered. And if she hadn’t, each person who dared touch her in his absence would suffer a fate worse than death at the hands of the Winter Soldier himself.

Bucky wasted no time in tucking her safely into his arms. She were injured; that much was clear. Right after that deadly blue release had come from her body, she’d fainted.
The injuries could be dealt with later. The only thing that mattered was getting her home safe. For now, she was- all thanks to Steve.  

For a split second, the two shared a look. A look of silent apology and reconciliation that could be settled later. Today would be the day that they fought on the same team; just like in the good old days. All because of the gentle-hearted scientist, their fates had become entwined once again, and that’s why Steve owed her everything. She was the one who brought his best friend back.

And now... the HYDRA bastards would pay their due.

Winter Soldier x Reader (30)
I apologize in advance if this is poorly written, but I have a terrible headache. I just had a sudden surge of inspiration today. Even changed it from my original planned storyline ;) Hope you enjoy.
Steve Rogers looked down at the hidden base from the window of the jet. It didn’t look very big at all. Hopefully, all would go well. If you were even still alive. But there had to be hope, right? A chance?

“All armed agents need to report to the door and prepare for combat immediately.” Natasha’s voice came grimly over the quiet jet intercom. Around him, willing agents unbuckled their belts and went to the door. They were all doing it for SHIELD. But Steve? He was doing it for you... and for Bucky.

They didn’t leave you alone. You weren’t sure that you wanted them to, either. All the nice doctors gave you medicine and finally gave you blankets. They gave you little bowls of what they called ‘oatmeal’ too. But sometimes, you got horrible feelings. Feelings that there was more than black and white, more than being called the ‘hope’. But then the feeling would pass and you would be okay. This was your life.

“Time for your medicine.” Doctor Lounze stepped forward, loading the IV with his special mixture. You knew better than to say anything.

“Doctor, Doctor!” A woman came rushing in, eyes wide. “We’re under attack and shorthanded!”

An expression of bewilderment and anger crossed the nice doctor’s face. “We’re not ready. She’s not ready!”
Wait. Who?

“We have no other choice,” a man interjected. Another doctor. “They’re closing in, our men are falling. We have to use her.”
And all eyes turned to you.

No... no, you didn’t want this. You liked the feeling of safeness. When they stopped hurting you, they made you safe and that’s what you wanted. Please, please, you didn’t want to hurt again. They were going to make you use it. The thing that they put inside you. The hope.

“Let me speak to her alone,” the doctor said. He was no longer smiling; no longer appearing kind. All of a sudden, you hated him. You hated him with everything you had and you didn’t know why. When the other doctors left, you had to resist the urge to use the power on him. Doctor Lounze sighed and opened up a drawer on his desk. What he retrieved was a small glowing capsule that shone bright blue. He held it out to you, but you didn’t take it.

“This,” he said. “Is what you are. It’s everything you’re worth, pulsing in your chest. And I need you to use it today.”

The refusal to do what the Doctor told you made them very angry.
It was so hard to run, but you were trying. Nothing was okay. Nothing was safe. You didn’t want to be the hope if it meant you would have to fight. You didn’t want to fight.
The ground rumbled and shouting and chaos could be heard from the other side of the wall. It was where you had to go to get away. There was a door. An open door...
You stumbled through, squinting. The light was so bright. Brighter than the lights inside. This wasn’t a room... it was outside. There was a fight going on. Soldiers were battling.


Something impacted your chest hard, knocking the air out of your lungs. It hurt! The rage that had become so familiar bubbled up in your chest and the same blue sparks crackled at your fingers. This time, there was no stopping it. It lashed out, taking four or five soldiers. Just like that, it was as if they never even existed.
It frightened you. Something was wrong, so wrong. This didn’t seem right! You stared at your trembling hands, pale and slim. These hands weren’t supposed to kill.

Another agonizing impact knocked you off your feet. This time, you wouldn’t think. This time, you were going to fight. As your fingers closed around a discarded gun, you prepared to be brave.


Steve Rogers wove through the oncoming flurry of HYDRA soldiers, cutting through them like butter with his shield. The base wasn’t well protected. There had to be more, right? This slew of fighters wouldn’t match up to the SHIELD agents who’d come. At this rate, it would be nothing to push his way inside and find you.

”Thought you’d have a party without me, Capsicle?” The voice over Steve’s radio was oddly gratifying. It made the mission seemingly easier to complete. The suit of red and gold plummeted down from the sky, causing a few small explosions on its way down. Just like Stark to have a fashionably late entrance. Steve continued to scan the battlefield around him, looking for a way through.

That’s when he finally saw you.

It was nothing like he’d pictured you being. In the midst of the warfare, you stood cutting HYDRA men down. They’d put you in bland white hospital pajamas. But that wasn’t the most disturbing thing at all. What truly made the Captain stop was the look on your face. One of mixed horror, bewilderment, and... anger. It was an expression of a trapped animal, an expression Steve knew well. Because he’d seen it on Bucky’s face in his nightmares.

And all of a sudden, he found himself desperately praying that they hadn’t hurt you too. Bucky was a soldier of war. He’d survived torture and countless missions. How many bullets had he taken before falling off that train? But you... you were just a scientist confined safely to your lab. You were so fragile... But something was wrong. Doctor Lounze had plunged a needle into the base of your skull. This wasn’t a hostage situation.
Someone was a traitor.

”(Name)!” Steve fought his way through the horde, fighting to get to you. He wasn’t going to lose you too. Your head snapped up, but it was as if you didn’t recognize your own name.
You were looking at him like a target.


Through all the confusion and the gunfire, something shook inside of you. There were people here, people you'd seen before- outside the walls of this sterile prison. The woman with the red hair, she was one of your best friends. The man with the star on his shield was someone you could never forget. All you knew was that you had to-

Your thought was cut off as something plummeted into the back of your neck. For the first time in a while, the absolute agony of pain gripped you. It wiped the thoughts from your head, wiped every feeling from your heart.
And suddenly, there was nothing but you and the orders given.

The people in the pictures... you had to hurt them. You had to kill them. The man with the colors and the shield was coming at you. This was going to hurt. You knew it even if you didn’t understand.

“Attack.” The doctor’s orders were sharp and controlling. It sent a jolt through your body that was uncontrollable. The blue sparks were called to your fingertips and shot out, blindly eliminating a few soldiers around you. A sort of shock settled into you when you realized that the sparks had obliterated them entirely; as if they were never there to begin with.
You were meant to do this to your target. However, your body refused to cooperate. His shield... it reminded you of something. Something that wouldn’t let you obliterate him.

“ATTACK!” The doctor shoved you forward, leaving you no choice. The doctor knew best.
With an agonizing amount of effort, you struck at the person from the picture. The shot ricocheted off his star-spangled shield.

Again.” The word cut into you, sharp and menacing. It smeared some of the wrongness into a shade of gray. Hearing those penetrating words at the base of your skull only made you fling another spark of blue at the man. He was calling for something- calling for you?

“Engage in battle! Now!” This time, the command made all the gray fade to black. The doctor knew best. If you knew any better, there would be a bullet in your head- and so much pain. With a skill you didn’t know you had, your hand gripped a discarded tanto-point combat knife and charged at him.

This was your target.

There was no choice.

Winter Soldier x Reader (29)
Soooooooo I updated! 
*distant triumphant cheering* 
Even if this is a short chapter, it's something! And I have more coming- sorry to end on such a cliffhanger. I'm totally updating this again soon. I love you guys! Oh yeah, and thank you for all the birthday wishes. (I don't know if I've already said this but yeah thanks ily.)   
La la la la 


United States
Uhm. I wish I could make this simple, but it would seem that my obsessions are all over the place. Goes from anime to Avengers, to Homestuck and Hannibal. Yeap. Let's wait and see what my next obsession is.

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